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E Jean Productions

"Ignite your creativity with our innovative and dynamic approach to production!"

Dancers in Shadow

Where Creativity Meets Production

E Jean Productions

Welcome to Your Creative Space

Community Events

Giving back to the community is what keeps us going

+ Our Services

Stage Plays

This is where it all started for E Jean. This is the foundation!


The future is near, as a matter fact its now, on your TV Screen.


+ Events

The Big Screen

Im sure you've wanted to be in a movie before well here's your big break!

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The Future

We know how important the future is and that is why we invest so much time into our young adults.

Making an Impact

Summer classes will not only keep our youth busy for the summer but it will also teach the tools they need to jump start their acting career. 


+ Behind it All

Eleanor Word

Eleanor Word is a director, producer, writer and provider. With many years of putting together incredible events, Eleanor has some how manage to balance life and helping others create effectively. E Jean Production proves that she is taking things to the next level and really shaping her future how she sees fit. 


+ Clients Love

Everything that E Jean Production touches is gold. You walk away with a new mind, a new perspective that you didn't have before. I'll never miss an event.

Eve Smith

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